J & S’s Best November 2015 Dian Raharjo

This quarter we would like to celebrate Dian Raharjo!

Dian started working with J&S in 2005, over 10 years ago.  Oh how quickly time flies!  What we love about Dian is that she is 100% positive.  She is super smart, yet extremely humble.  She is kind and generous.  She never complains.  She never blames anyone else.  She is responsible and trustworthy!  She is always willing to take on new challenges even if she feels like she is not the right person for the task.  … but sure enough, she’s always the right person for the task!

I can always count on her to help out whenever there is something that needs to be done.  She is a blessing.  Always has been and Always will be.  That is just how she was created.  And we appreciate and love her for being Dian.